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  • “one flow” assembly line

    “one flow” assembly line

    Product Characteristic: 1.NOC-P lean pipe and connectors, flexible for reinstallation and transformation. 2.Anti-static 3.High strength and hardness with same appearance as stainless steel 4.Cheaper price than stainless steel

  • lean pipe material shelf

    lean pipe material shelf

    Made by the NOC-P lean pipe and connectors, designed for the materials storage. Flexible adjustment and easier movement. Suitable for the frequent innovation.

  • rolling rack

    rolling rack

    Made by NOC-P lean pipe, connectors and placons. It’s suitable for the storage system, reduce the workmanship, recycle the materials and reduce inventory.

  • Lean Pipe Anti-static Trolley

    Lean Pipe Anti-static Trolley

    Combined by the lean pipe and connectors, it could be used to transport the materials between production lines and warehouses. It’s anti-static and flexible.

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