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HAIHAN NOC-P lean pipe is accepted by the market with better properties and cost performance. In order to let more customer know and use our product, we are opening for distribution coordination. We’re looking for all-win, complement each other and develop together. Some cooperation modes as below:


1. Product distribution

  HAIHAN NOC-P provide the uniform price, sufficient stock and accessories, arrange logistic on time to cooperate with all distributors. No quantity limitation, Free samples, Product data and Technical support.


2. Overall solution

  HAIHAN NOC-P with its more than 10 years experience in anti-static and lean production, we could supply the customer and distributor for a overall solution, including the negotiation, project design, product installation, logistic and after-sales service. We could provide the overall solution to help our distributor to serve their customers.


3. Subordination

  We’re available for the individual who would like to subordinate to our company. HAIHAN NOC-P could provide the company platform, including company name, product data, technical support, training, etc. You will have the distribution uniform prices also.

For more details please call or email to below address, thanks!

Contact: Vincent

Mobile: 13729907987

QQ: 342362660

E-mail: haihan@haihan360.com

If you need more details, please leave your company name, address and contact to our company email address, our company customer service team will be processed in time, thank you!


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