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NOC-P Lean Solution Ltd. was established in 2002, our main product is anti-static materials for lean production, such as plastic coated pipe, NOC pipe, pipe joints, placon, caster, etc. We offer the customers a ONE-STOP service, from the lean system design, product R&D, manufacturing to after-sales, our professional technical team is able to give you a reliable solution for your any demand.


In the mean while, our company achieved the patent for the latest development, which is called NOC pipes, a new type of lean pipe. It is belongs to ceramic alloy material which is made by common steel and ceramic compounds, with high strength, anti-static, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, stainless steel and plating alternative characters.


Our new technology has caught the highly attention from government and market. We are getting the technology innovation support from local government and have more than 300 distributors in China currently.


More than 80% of our engineers have been work in our company over 5 years, they are skillful with highly responsibility. Two senior technicians with more than 40 years experience are managing the team to serve our sales team & customers. NOC-P lean pipe & joints system is flexible for many industries, such as automotive, PCB, electronic enterprise, laboratory, warehouse, etc. Recently our major customers are HUAWEI, NISSAN, FOXCOON, SANYO, NOKIA, etc.


Green product is our hope, productivity is our goal. We’re working to lower the cost, protect the earth and increase capacity.

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