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China's most focused lean production equipment provider.
HAIHAN produce and use the unique NOC-P lean pipe which is environmental and advanced material to replace stainless steel, cheaper price but better quality and effect. We could provide the design of lean pipe system or lean production line, and the technical support for improving material handling process or flow racking applications. Besides, we manufacture all types of normal plastic coated lean pipe, metal joints, casters, placons and related accessories to build up your idea. No MOQ is required.
Our team can give you the consultation and installation service from materials/parts selections to typical applications. We help you to develop or improve the concept, and build up your idea.

If you are looking for solutions of below issues, HAIHAN can help you with professional services:
a. Lean management and production b. Material recycling program and storage
c. Material handling d. Productivity improvement
e. Quick relocation & delivery f. Racking system

for more questions please contact with Our technical team is ready for you at any time.
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