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NOC-P Solution is focusing on numerous of creation for lean production and management. Recently the two topics of industries and daily life are the GREEN product and lower the cost. The intention to develop NOC lean pipe is eco-friendly, flexible assembly, higher quality performance and low cost.

Our experienced engineers provide you a ONE-STOP solution of the pipe & joint system, from the structure design, performance analyze, product inspection to application guideline. The NOC-P pipe & joint system is not only suitable for industrial usage (automotive, PCB, electronic enterprises, laboratory, dust-free plant, etc.), but also suitable for commercial usage (home appliance, decoration, green house farming, etc.).

If you are looking for solutions to innovate business and improve efficiency, such as:
a. Lean management and production line       b. Material recycling and storage rack
c. Anti-static material handling cart/shelf          d. Logistic FIFO rack/pipe & joint system
e. DIY home / outdoor applications                    f. Flexible workbench/workstation/table

Please contact us with any requirement, we are open to discuss and develop with you.

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